Let Volo Insurance Consulting help take care of your business, your employees and their families. From consulting on which plans are best to offer your employees, to one-on-one benefits education, we do it all!

Help your employees prepare for unexpected challenges today to help ensure peace of mind for tomorrow.  Our Voluntary benefits are designed to enable you to offer a complete benefit plan with no direct cost to you!  

Employers no longer consider Voluntary Benefits as add-ons but more as a way for employees to address additional needs they have.  These plans offer a choices which allow employees to personalize their benefits package.


Helps employees pay for out-of-pocket costs associated with minor and major accidents- costs their medical insurance may not cover.


Disability insurance can replace a portion of an employee’s income if they are unable to work if they are sick or hurt.


Cancer insurance can help offset costs associated with cancer treatment and recovery, so employees can focus on getting well.


Critical Illness insurance provides a lump-sum benefit to cover out-of-pocket costs if an employee is diagnosed with a covered illness such as a heart attack or stroke.


Keep employees smiling with dental insurance that can help cover routine and more costly dental procedures.


Eye care is an important offering to employees and can be extremely affordable.


Life insurance helps provide peace of mind and financial security for the people whomatter most in your employees’ lives.


This coverage helps cover expenses associated with a surgery or a stay in the hospital that aren’t covered by most medical plans.



Volo Insurance Consulting is committed to educate and enroll your employees in all of their benefits all year round, regardless of where they are located.  Running a business isn’t easy, but there are solutions to every challenge. That’s why Volo Insurance Consulting has partnered with Employee Navigator.

Employee Navigator is our secure online enrollment system that allows you to tailor the benefits that you offer your employees. It also enables our licensed benefits counsellors to easily walk your employees through the enrollment process, ensuring that they make choices that are best for themselves and their families. Less time worrying about enrollment means more time focusing on the things that matter most to you and your business.

This system is a leave behind system you will be able to access all year round. You can terminate, enroll, and check payroll deductions all in one place! Payroll integration options available.​



We've made it simple for employees to enroll and access their benefits and HR resources online from their smartphone or mobile device.

At Volo Insurance Consulting, we understand that change is not always easy. Since 2005, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.

Employees can:

- Enroll in their benefits

- View compliance documents

- Request and view their PTO

- View list of company contacts

- View their benefit details​

All-in-One Benefits Solution

- Get new hires enrolled quickly

- Compare and select plans

- Review coverage status for all employees​

- Monitor employee enrollment status and deadlines

- Manage contribution levels

- Store, review, and acknowledge important plan documents​​



Educated to empower!

We’ve found that the more employees understand their benefits, the more empowered they feel –

and are more likely to participate.

Benefit Counseling

- The most important service we provide is our 1-to-1 benefits counseling. During these face-to-face meetings, employees can:

- Understand how decisions will affect their paycheck

- Personally review their current benefit options as a whole which will help them consider new options

- Choose coverage that suits their individual needs and their budget

- Learn to appreciate all the hard work you put into creating their benefits package

- 1-to-1 Benefit counseling: Most employees will tell you that benefits education works best face -to-face, which is why we suggest a one-on-one benefits consultation as a part of your enrollment. Each employee will receive a group meeting where they will receive the customized communication materials and rates for their enrollment. Our highly trained, professional benefit counsellors will then meet with employees individually, reviewing their personal benefits situation along with educating the employees on their core benefit offerings.

Call Center Enrollments

- Available in Spanish! Employees will be able to speak with a licensed benefits counsellor over the phone in a recorded, secure environment so we can walk them through their benefit options and the enrollment process.


- Conducted over the phone and web with a licensed benefits counsellor, this option allows employees to see the enrollment process while consulting with our team to pick the right choices for them.

Web-Based Self-Enrollments

- Depending on the enrollment platform installed, the employees will be able to enroll by themselves. Usually a call center is there to back this up as employee usually prefer to speak with a licensed benefit counsellor.

Post Enrollment

Our services don’t end when the enrollment is complete. We can help alleviate your day-to-day burdens

with: „

- Custom payroll and core files Integrate these into your payroll system. „

- Contact information and get updated employee information. „

- Elections data

- Receive a summary of your employees’ enrollment elections. „

- Employee feedback 

- Online administrative functions

- View, reconcile and pay your Carrier bill online.



Third Party benefits administration system connections

Reduced fee for Brokers that work with Volo Insurance Consulting!


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